From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years Special Edition (Blu-Ray)


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From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years! is a feature film documentary that explores the influence of the Commodore Amiga and how it influenced a generation of developers to take video game development, music and publishing to a whole new level which then changed the video game industry forever!

This film, which is the sequel to the acclaimed ‘From Bedrooms to Billions’ (2014) looks at the creation of the now legendary Commodore Amiga a remarkable and very personal tale told by the surviving team members themselves. The film then goes onto explore how once released in 1985 the Commodore Amiga helped evolve the video games industry as a whole new set of ¬†games and experiences were possible thanks to its incredible custom hardware. Many of these styles of games, music and demos as well as development techniques honed during the Amiga era are still present in the video games industry we know today.

Interviews include the creators of Populous, The Secret of Monkey Island, Sensible World of Soccer, Defender of the Crown, Syndicate, Alien Breed, Wings, Shadow of the Beast, Turrican II, The First Samurai, Another World, Flashback and many many others this film will be of great interest to anyone who enjoys either games or the history of the quite remarkable video games industry.

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Disc 1 – Feature Film

Disc 2 – Special Features 3.5 Hours

  • Creating ‘Another World’ – Eric Chahi
  • Founding Electronic Arts – Trip Hawkins
  • Creating ‘Flashback’ – Paul Cuisset
  • Atari Vs Activision – Larry Kaplan
  • Ron Gilbert – Insights into game design and working at Lucasfilm
  • The Business of Amiga – The continuing story of Commodore and the Amiga line.
  • Creating the ‘Desert Dream’ demo – Anders Hansen
  • Chris Huelsbeck – Creating music on the Amiga
  • Dan Malone – Designing ‘Speedball II’
  • Stoo Cambridge – Designing ‘Cannon Fodder’
  • Demo Scene Sequence Expanded – Various contributors.
  • Founding DICE
  • First Samurai’ – Design insights with Mev Dinc
  • Team 17 – (Alien Breed, Super Frog), Andreas Tadic, Rico Holmes, Martyn Brown & Allister Brimble.
  • Magnetic Fields – Shaun Southern & Andrew Morris insights, including Lotus and Super Cars series.

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