The Art and Making of Sniper Elite (Special Edition)


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This book is a celebration and exploration of the acclaimed, bestselling franchise. It delves into the history of the games, how they were made, and the real-life context behind the settings and characters. The Art & Making of Sniper Elite covers the whole franchise, from the first game to the latest. It contains commentary and insight from the artists and developers, alongside concept art of the iconic characters, weaponry, vehicles and environments. A must-have for any Sniper Elite fan.

Also available as a ‘Standard Edition’, we are proud to present the ‘Special Slipcase Edition’ which is exclusive to the Rebellion Shop, limited to 250 copies and includes:

  • 256 page hardback art book
  • Exclusive slipcase
  • Bonus propaganda posters

Paul Davies has worked in journalism for twenty-five years, editing magazines and websites including Official Nintendo and Computer & Video Games. He is now a freelance writer and consultant to games developers and publishers.


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